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Quality Work Environment

The Quality Work Environment (QWE) Initiative was a collaborative effort with the Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, NIB and NISH. The initiative will enable AbilityOne nonprofit agencies to strengthen their commitment to enhance daily work experiences and develop future growth opportunities for persons who are blind or have other significant disabilities.


For more information regarding the AbilityOne QWE Initiave, click HERE.

NEMROC's QWE Program

Recognizing the potential value, to both our employees and community, NEMROC became an Early Adapter of the QWE Initiative. We have divided the program into three interconnecting areas:

 NEMROC values a Quality Employee and Quality Product. While we strive to provide products and services that surpass the expectation of our customers, we also attempt to train employees who will surpass the expectations of future employers.



Through training and promotion of a safe work environment NEMROC looks to become a model for employee safety.


Our goal is to assist our employees in gaining greater job skills through continuous education. This will provide them with greater opportunities within NEMROC, in finding competitive employment with other companies, and assist them in becoming active members of our community.

NEMROC Training Center

NEMROC’s mission is to provide “vocational, personal, and social development opportunities for individuals with disabilities to fully integrate into their community”. To assist in this goal we offer all employees opportunities for continuous education. Class offerings include:

Employee Work Skills

  • Employer Expectations

  • Safety On the Job

  • Quality – Customer Satisfaction

  • Time Management

  • Budgeting

  • Proper Documentation

  • Computer Skills

  • Resume Workshops

Employee Soft Skills

  • Workplace Communication

  • Proper Work Appearance

  • Equal opportunity and workplace harassment

  • Identification of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

  • First Aid/CPR

  • Personal Finance

  •  …and many others as needs arise.

Community Outreach

As an active member of our community, NEMROC also wishes to support other community organizations by offering this meeting space for their use.

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